September 21, 2013

Best Friends

Spending an hour on an airplane going through email seems so productive. Love it! I've been saving up all week for this hour.

So I'm off to Vegas for three days with friends I've had since about third grade. The five of us went all through school together. We all went to different colleges and then, eventually, ended up back in Denver.

Just about every month we all get together for lunch and every couple years we go on a trip together. This is one of those trips. We'll have some great fun! Seeing Elton John tonight and then who knows.

Thinking about how lucky I am to have these boyz in my life.

Thinking how lucky I am to have had these friends for so many years.

Thinking how lucky I am to have this support system in place and to offer my support when it's need.

Thinking about the truly special relationships we have with each other even though we are all in very different places in our lives.

I'm a very lucky man.
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