May 26, 2013

A Killer Gets A Reprieve

In 1993 Nathan Dunlap killed four employees and wounded another at a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant where he once worked. After trial, a jury of his peers sentenced him to death, in the State of Colorado where voters have voted twice in favor of the death penalty. As you might expect, Dunlap appealed the verdict and for 11 years did everything he could to have the verdict and sentence overturned. Last year he exhausted his last appeal and the death sentence was scheduled to be carried out this August.

Last week, Governor John Hickenlooper disregarded the judge's verdict, the decision of a jury of Dunlap's peers and the voters of the State of Colorado. In a sign of complete weakness and a total lack of character and leadership, Governor Hickenlooper disregarded the oath he took to uphold Colorado's Constitution and delayed Nathan Dunlap's execution "indefinitely." Instead, he called for a conversation about the death penalty in Colorado. Another conversation.
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