March 30, 2013

Is It Just A Matter Of Perception?

I heard this story yesterday. The person telling me the story (Let's call her Karen) heads a team of people at a large company. The team consists of different groups of people with different skill sets. One of the groups was made up of 4 people and this week one of those people left and another gave two weeks notice.

This news was devastating. So horrible that Karen had to take personal time off from work to clear her head. All she could think of was her team was self-destructing and she wasn't going to be able to replace the two people she lost. "Oh woe is me."

So, I'm thinking this could be a situation where a change of perception might help. What if Karen put aside the "Oh woe is me" thinking and accepted reality. One person left to do some travelling and you knew about it for weeks. The other person got a great new job. This kind of stuff happens. It happens all the time and if you're going to be a leader then you need to deal with this kind of stuff and stuff that is even worse.

What if Karen changed her perspective. What if she rejoiced in her "misery" and started to look at the situation differently. Maybe this is a test of her leadership skills. Maybe it's a test of her ability to make solid decisions under pressure. Maybe Karen could look at this as a challenge. Maybe it could be looked at as an opportunity to prove herself to her superiors and colleagues. Maybe, with a change of perception Karen can make lemonade out of these lemons she was handed this week. Maybe not.

What do you think?
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