February 19, 2013

Social Media: The Formula For Success?

Some think there is a Formula for social media success.

They assume if they mimic the activity of a major brand, success is just moments away. Like with many other things, people are looking for the simple answer that will provide the huge boost they are looking for.

Can they make a viral video, develop the next "Greatest Ever" tablet, post flawless post several times a week and write exceptional blog content. And then there are those who believe that if their company joins a social network they will build trust and credibility with their customers, leading to better relationships.

Few are asking the important question:

"What does all this look like to my customers?" Few ask their customers if the relationship with their brand is a good one. Businesses are still forgetting how important it is to define success. What does success look like? How will success be tracked and reported on?

My position: There is no formula for social media success. Every strategy is different and must be based on the audience you seek to reach, their expectations, your expectations and the well-defined goals and metrics you've established for your business.
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