April 22, 2010

Color-Coded E-Mail Tip

Is your In Box so full you sometimes miss the important e-mail from your boss, or your wife? Try color-coding your e-mail. In Microsoft Outlook go to the Tools menu and click Organize. In the Ways to Organize pane, click Using Colors. Select the type of messages you want to color-code and the color you want them to be, and then click the Apply Color button. This simple trick could save your job, and your marriage!

April 20, 2010

Everyone Needs Tips to Manage Their Time!

In today's world of cell phones, Blackberry's, blogs, the Internet, intranets, cable television, video conferencing, web casting and many other time-sapping devices, it is more important than ever to get organized and manage your time wisely. This blog will contain some ideas and tips of mine, but more importantly, it should be a place where you can learn from others and share your own thoughts about time management and how it can be used to help balance your life. No one ever said on their death-bed, "I wish I had worked more."

April 18, 2010

What Makes Work Work?

The economic climate right now is terrible. There are signs of improvement, but I'm one who thinks we are quite a ways off from a full recovery. Its tough to succeed in today's climate regardless of what you do. Technology seems to be changing every day and if you don't keep up, you are behind. Everyone is moving at the speed of light and if you don't keep up you are behind. In the past year my office has cut about 30% of our staff and other businesses are becoming leaner and meaner to survive in this competitive marketplace. When you cut staff, the work doesn't go away, those who remain in the company must pick it up. Some people in my office are now performing tasks they weren't hired to perform but they are doing what needs to be done. Long days are taking people away from their families, their hobbies, their exercise routines, and their free time.

So, in today's climate, what is it that makes work work for you. For me, I've always felt that I need to be in an environment where I like the people I am working with and for. I like to feel needed and appreciated. Most of all, I am a fan of having "Life Balance." This means something different to everyone. To me, it means finishing my day with the feeling that I accomplished something significant. I've returned all my phone messages. I've reviewed my schedule for tomorrow and feel confident that I am ready for the day. I am going to be able to start my day tomorrow with some form of exercise. I am leaving my office at a time that allows me to have dinner with my family and still have some time to spend with my kids.

Are you wondering if this is really possible? Of course it is. Is it easy to achieve? Yes and no. Can everyone do it? Absolutely. How? Well, much of this blog is dedicated to tips and tricks that will enable you to achieve the Life Balance you are seeking. There are many other blogs out there to help too. For example, take a look at ceo blog - time leadership written by Jim Estill http://www.jimestill.com/. Jim has some excellent thoughts about time management and other things too. The resources are all around us. We also have many of the answers inside us.

What I really want to know is what type of information can I provide to help you? When I first started writing this blog my hope was it would become an interactive forum where people all over the world shared their thoughts, tips and experiences. I haven't accomplished that yet. Can you help me? Can you leave a comment, ask a question, tell your friends to do the same? I'm going to keep writing, posting tips I think you will find helpful, but a little feedback would be nice. Let's conquer this together. Leave a comment. Tell your friends to visit this blog and leave a comment. Let's work together to get through this crazy thing called work and come out on the other side a better person.

I look forward to hearing from you! Leave a comment with your own tip!
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