December 15, 2009

Prioritizing My Health | Tips To Make It Happen

There is not enough time in the day. This morning, I slept in until 8:00 and it ruined my entire day. I didn't get half of my Sunday To-Do List completed. Every day is the same. There is not enough time for me to work, spend time with my family, pay bills, do chores around the house, read, write blog posts, Facebook, tweet, Link in, Skype, or hang with my Plaxo family. How can I possibly find the time to exercise?

Well, I do. Last July I woke up one morning and decided I wanted to live long enough to meet my grandchildren. I decided I wanted to do something about my health so I wouldn't be a burden to my wife and children. I decided I wanted to be a better golfer, have more fun fishing, and not poop out so early when we go snow shoeing.

So, I went on a diet and intensified my workouts. Since last July I've lost a ton of weight. When I walk into a room people continue to ask me "Where's the rest of you?" Frankly, I've run out of witty replies. It has been a long hard road and I'm not to the end yet. I firmly believe that much of my weight-loss success is due to the fact I religiously work out at least six days a week and usually seven. I do Pilates one day a week for an hour. I stretch and do some intense (interval) cardio work for forty-five minutes to an hour, two or three days a week. I also stretch and lift weights for an hour four days a week, and on one of those days I do thirty minutes of light cardio work. When I sat down and thought about it, I determined I was exercising over 8 hours a week and that doesn't account for the time it takes to get to and from the gym or Pilates studio, shower, etc. etc. That's a lot of time for a guy who already thinks there isn't enough time in the day to do the really important things!

Recently I did some soul searching and determined it was important to me to do all the things I mentioned before. None of them could be eliminated from my Life's To-Do List. Once that was determined I decided I better set some priorities. My exercise regimen remained in the top three, right behind time with my family and work. I then had to determine the best way for me to get everything I needed to do, done. Long story short, I decided I needed to schedule my workouts. I decided to put all my workouts right in Microsoft Outlook along with all my other things to do. What a revolutionary idea! Okay, maybe not, but its working like a charm. Every Sunday night I print my schedule for the week. Then I write on the schedule and type into Outlook the times during the week I'm going to work out. I take the schedule with the handwriting on it and put in on my nightstand to help remind me every night before I go to bed the time I am working out the next day. This also helps me know what time to set the alarm clock to, and pack my workout bag for the days I go to the gym instead of down to my basement. When 4:45am on Thursday comes around I always know its time to get up for my 5:30am Pilates session. This has worked like a charm for me. Sure, there are days I just have to make a change. Even then, I still find another time to work out during the day and I'm feeling great!

You might want to try this scheduling idea too.
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