August 13, 2009

College Bound Time Management Tip #1

My son Brandon leaves for college on the 20th.  He will be attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.  The other day he said, "Ya know Dude, I might need to read your blog. I'm not sure how I am going to find time to do the studying I need to do. Might need some of your time management tips." Duh!

I suggested he do what organized professionals everywhere do. SCHEDULE IT! Do what I do. Every Sunday night I set aside several minutes to look at my schedule for the coming week. I see where I have calls to make, meetings to attend in the office, people I need to meet with outside of the the office. I take a look at my Task List and determine some of the pending matters that require some work. What projects do I want to complete this week?

Once I have completed this review I SCHEDULE IT! Schedule time for the most important things you want to accomplish this week. Block off time on your calendar to exercise, even if it is at 5:00am like it is for me most days. Block off a few hours for homework in the afternoon on Thursday because you know that Thursday night is party night on campus. SCHEDULE IT! Keep to your schedule and you will get the important things done.

Try it for a month, then let me know how it works.
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