July 15, 2009

My How Time Flies When You Are Having Fun, Part 2

Our journey to San Francisco begins on July 3, 2009. After renting the smallest truck Penske has, Lauren, with the help of me, Laurie, Justin, and Alexis loaded up all her belongings. Fortunately, we didn't fill the truck, top to bottom, but we did a good job of filling it front to back. The door barely closed, which was a good thing as nothing moved or rattled around during the drive. About 4:00 we loaded up the Izzy the cat and the cooler filled with snacks and liquid refreshments. We were off. The goal was to get from Boulder, as far into Wyoming as we could.

The camera was up front with us. We decided to do our best to memorialize the trip in photographs. We did a good job as I arrived home with 153 photos. As we approached the Colorado/Wyoming border we were looking for the "Welcome to Wyoming" sign, so we could take a picture of it. To our surprise, there was no "Welcome to Wyoming" sign, so we turned around and photographed the "Welcome to Colorado" sign to memorialize our border crossing.

Next stop: Laramie Wyoming, where we were fortunate enough to find a parking place I didn't have to parallel park in. Dinner at was at Tommy Jacks, a place I had eaten at before while on a fishing trip. After dinner we headed to Rawlings for some gas. Even though it was late, we pressed on to Rock Springs where we found a Holiday Inn willing to let us bring Izzy in. At that point Izzy had been whining for seven solid hours even though she was sedated, and, frankly, I really didn't care if she had to spend the night in the truck. Needless to say, Izzy and Lauren overruled me and the three of us settled in for a few short hours of sleep. It was 12:15am. Our plan was to be on the road no later than 8:00am.

At 5:00am, after about three hours of sleep (Izzy was a tad bit hyper) I got up to spend thirty minutes on the cross trainer, thinking that some exercise would be a good way to start every day of this journey. Breakfast was at Village Inn and then at 8:04am, only four minutes behind schedule, we were on the road headed for Salt Lake City.

Lots of stops today. Plenty of photo opportunities.

We decided to spend a little time in Salt Lake City, a place neither of us had been to before. We visited the Church of Jesus Christ of the Later-Day Saints and the Mormon Tabernacle. And we drove by the Great Salt Lake. Just outside of Salt Lake City I was able to convince Lauren to drive so I could take a nap. She drove for about an hour. I napped for about thirty minutes. It was too stressful for her!

For the fourteen hours or so that we were on the road, we listened to rap music, made plans for our arrival, unpacking and setting up her apartment, and we talked about her dreams for the future. San Francisco was where she wanted to be. She felt so fortunate to have found a job in San Francisco. And she didn't find just any job. She found a job where she could get paid to do what she loves to do: blog, tweet, and post Facebook status updates. What could be better than doing what you love, for money, in the City by the Bay?

Since I couldn't get Lauren to drive, I decided she could help out at the gas stops. Next stop, her job was to clean the windshield. This task led to one of the funniest moments of the journey as my five foot tall daughter attempted to clean the windshield of this rather large truck. The result was an upside down triangle with the windshield being clean near the edges and toward the middle at the bottom of the window. It was hilarious.

On to Reno, where we watched the Fourth of July fireworks from the stairwell of our Day's Inn hotel located adjacent to the highway. Of course, our room was on the highway side of the building. That night Izzy slept great, having finally adjusted to the herbal sedative. It was the truckers and other motorists who decided not to sleep that night, along with me. Tomorrow we would arrive in San Francisco. And the journey continues......
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