May 16, 2010

Log Your Time Tip To Improve Productivity!

Here's a tip to help improve your productivity and help you analyze your time management skills regularly to see where improvement is needed. Every 6-12 months I complete a time log for a full week to help me see where my time is going, what my habits really are and to get ideas on changes I can make to improve my productivity. Try it. You will be shocked to see how much time you waste in a typical day.

Keeping a time log is actually quite simple. Simply record all your activities in a log from the moment you get to work to the time you leave the office. Be sure to include everything including visits to the restroom, to the office next to you, to the kitchen for a soda. Include all interruptions, phone calls made and received, and tasks you perform. Include EVERYTHING you do during the day.

At the end of the day, analyze your log to determine how well you used your time and to identify distractions and things you did to waste time. Try to make improvements each day until you get to the end of the week. Give it a try, and then require your staff to do the same and to review the log with you. Use this tool as a way to mentor your staff and encourage them to be more productive.

Got a tip of your own? Feel free to share. Leave a comment!


Lauren said...

This is a great tip. I tried this for the first time yesterday and I actually crossed everything off my to-do list by 4:30 pm. It really pays off to ignore all the distractions, stay on track, and complete a task before moving on to the next. Thanks for the advice!!!

Brad Friedman said...

Thanks for the comment Lauren. Keep logging your time for at least a week in order to see where you are wasting time. I do this myself for a week at a time every three months or so, just to stay on track and work efficiently!

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