April 28, 2010

Tips For Outcome-First Meeting Plans

I hate meetings! I am busy and don't have time to attend meetings. Most meetings are a waste of time because they are just an opportunity for the attendees to hear themselves talk. Many meetings have no agenda or the meeting leader lets the meeting get away from them and the agenda isn't accomplished. If you are meeting to hear reports - DON'T. People can read reports. Meet to take action. Make everyone's time more productive by determining the outcome you want from a meeting before you even schedule it. What is the objective of the meeting? Why are you and others going to take the time out of your otherwise busy day and meet? What must be accomplished at this meeting? Could this be accomplished without bringing these people together? What is your deliverable? Can you communicate your expectations to the others at the beginning of the meeting in two or three sentences? If, after this analysis you determine it is necessary to have this meeting, be sure to run the meeting just like one you would want to attend.

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