December 30, 2008

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Welcome to TheBAFSignal - the Beacon of Reason

Why TheBAFSignal? ------- My name is Brad Friedman, and as an attorney dedicated to being a part of his children's lives, it was necessary for me to develop time management skills. I became an expert. So, I write about time management when I'm not writing about something else. I am also interested in the world around me, the things I see, read, and experience. I want to share my thoughts about these things with you.

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Please leave comments to the posts you read. This site could be more interesting if you share your own ideas and experiences and learn from others. I would love to see this become an interactive site where people gather to share ideas and stimulate thinking on matters we all write about.

I write this blog because I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts with others. A couple years ago I read an article about blogging and was intrigued with the idea.  I have always been fascinated by technology, and consider myself one of those people who know just enough to be dangerous.

I work hard. I spend quality time with my family. I play hard, enjoying fishing and golf when the weather is nice and snowshoeing in the winter. I am married and have a son who is a freshman in college and a daughter living and working in San Francisco for a Social Media Marketing Firm Context Optional. She has been a tremendous resource for me with regard to the internal workings of TheBAFSignal and an inspiration to me with regard to my writing. Please visit her incredible blog at TheOffBeatReport.

I hope you enjoy reading TheBAFSignal.
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